Who we are


A   Accredited by either Resolution or the Law Society
C   Qualified through Resolution to offer child-inclusive mediation
M   Qualified to conduct MIAMs
P   Able to offer legal aid mediation

Photo of Joanne Clarke
Joanne Clarke
Lester Aldridge
Photo of Lauren Cooney
Lauren Cooney
Photo of Kimberley Davies
Kimberley Davies
Trethowans LLP
Photo of Suzi Denton
Suzi Denton
Ellis Jones Solicitors LLP
Photo of Pauline Ellis
Pauline Ellis M
Dutton Gregory
Photo of Chantal Findlay
Chantal Findlay A C M
Solomons Solicitors
Photo of Suzi Denton
Lindsay Halliwell A M
Steele Raymond
Photo of Emma Hamilton Cole
Emma Hamilton Cole A C M
Williams Thompson Solicitors LLP
Photo of Adrian Harding
Adrian Harding
Photo of Hariet Harris
Harriet Harris
Gateway Mediation and Sarah Grant Solicitors
Photo of Ann Herd
Ann Herd M
Scott Bailey LLP
Photo of Deborah Leask
Deborah Leask A C M
Ellis Jones LLP
Photo of Naomi Lelliott
Naomi Lelliott
Sousa Law
Photo of Sean McNally
Sean McNally C M
Ellis Jones LLP
Photo of Charlotte Millard
Charlotte Millard
Williams Thomspon
Photo of Tracey Parsons
Tracey Parsons A M
Battens Solicitors
Photo of Richard Perrins
Richard Perrins
Coles Miller LLP
Photo of Sally Pike
Sally Pike
Thrings LLP
Photo of Jane Porter
Jane Porter A C M
Lester Aldridge
Photo of Jenny Sanders
Jenny Sanders A C M P Legal Aid Mediation Consultant
Gateway Mediation
Photo of Micheal Stocken
Micheal Stocken A C M P
Photo of Katie Taft
Katie Taft A M
Ellis Jones LLP
Photo of Sarah Unsworth
Sarah Unsworth A C M
Scott Bailey LLP